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API keys

Describes what API keys are, what they are used for, and how to create them.

Auto Operation

The Auto Operation feature handles the manipulation of feature flag configurations on your behalf. It executes specific operations automatically based on the conditions set by the user.

Create a feature flag

Presents how to create a feature flag. The page will show the feature flag tab and cover the fields required to create a feature flag.

Evaluate results

Describe where results can be evaluated and the data on this page.

Event rate

Check how the event rate features works in Bucketeer

Experiment results

Describes the experiments tab on the feature flag and how to link feature flags to experiments.


This page present and organize a quickstart guide showing the main steps to create and integrate a feature flag into your system.


Check how the schedule features works in bucketeer. Use it to release or remove a flag variation.

Settings and history

This page primarily addresses the remaining configuration aspects of feature flags, including log history and feature flag settings.

Targeting with feature flags

Explain the targeting process and presents how to configure the feature flag targeting. The page will describe the fields and show an example.


Use the flag triggers to automatically turn feature flags on or off by calling a URL using the POST method.