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Testing with flags

Testing with feature flags allows you to experiment and gather insights about your feature's performance before fully releasing it. This section covers three main subjects: Goals, Experiments, and How to Use Experiments.

  • Goals: Goals in the Bucketeer system help to measure how user behaviors are affected by feature flags within experiments.
  • Experiments: Experiments are a way to test new features or changes with a subset of users before a full release. They allow you to collect data and feedback to improve the feature's effectiveness.
  • Experiment results: After creating an experiment, you can access the experiment result page. It shows the experiment's current state, evaluation period, and provides components for analysis. The Bucketeer system uses Bayesian inference to suggest the best-performing variation.

By utilizing goals, running experiments, and analyzing the results, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize features, improve user experience, and achieve desired business outcomes.