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Bucketeer Changelog

Bucketeer is constantly updating its system and SDKs to provide a better user experience and better control over the feature flag usage. This section aims to maintain you informed about Bucketeer ongoing improvements and innovations. Select one of the available SDKs or the Core project to find the latest updates, fixes, and features.

GitHub Releases

All information provided here is also available in the GitHub repository of each SDKs.


Bucketeer is an open-source platform created by CyberAgent to help teams make better decisions, reduce deployment lead time, and release risk through feature flags.


Bucketeer provides server-side and client-side SDKs. For additional information on how they work, access the SDKs documentation page.

Client-side SDK

Client-side SDKs are designed for single-user desktop, mobile, and embedded applications.

Server-side SDK

Server-side SDKs are designed for multi-user systems and intended for use in trusted environments, like corporate networks or web servers.